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We made it our mission to boost the clean energy transformation with smart & iconic small wind turbine systems

Image by Riccardo Annandale

An idea which started 19 years ago

...and we made it happen

In 2003 the idea was born to create a wind turbine  with a spiral design to use lift and drag forces. The product was developed for the following years but despite its efficiency the wind turbine never made it to market.

Nautilus Power took over designs and patents in 2016, and has been continuously working on enhancing the wind turbine and creating a smart  Plug & Play system to overcome the challenges of conventional small turbines.


What started as an idea is now becoming real helping the world energy sector transform towards renewable energy.


We want to help reducing the CO2 footprint with smart and iconic small wind turbine systems

Innovation made in 

We are a dutch based company with an interdisciplinary team  composed of Mechanical,  Electrical & IT Engineers, Mathematicians and Marketing Specialists.

Over the past years we have build a strong network for universities and R&D Partners who share our vision and help us push wind technology to the next level.


We are a growing organization always looking for passionate talent. If you are interested to join our team, your journey starts here:

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